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Unofficial ambassador for the German-Chinese international understanding, influencer, author or banker. All these words describe Thomas Derksen correctly but not sufficiently.


German-Chinese Cooperation

Thomas Derksen's dream is to further develop deeper relations between Germany and China.

He is involved in various projects in order to fulfil this dream. 


Author Debut

When Thomas Derksen falls in love with the Chinese Liping, he does not expect his father-in-law to be a big issue. "I've seen many foreigners on TV. You'll see them once naked and then never again." That's how he warned his daughter even before he met the German. Thomas courageously travels to the Middle Kingdom to fight the old tiger and experiences a lot of funny and heart-warming adventures.



Millions of followers, impressions, clicks, and shares. The Chinese-German online community loves AfuThomas.

His content is very popular on several Chinese and international social media platforms.

Brand Cooperations

German brands enjoy great popularity in China.

In various cooperations, AfuThomas has succeeded with his authentic way to make German traditional brands in China even more popular and well-known.

Whether it's handmade chocolates from the Franconian Forest,  caffeine shampoo produced in Bielefeld or underwear Made in Germany, AfuThomas brings them all to China. 



Numerous Chinese, German and international media platforms have reported on Thomas Derksen's achievements.


Here you get an overview!




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